Roofing Services Call: (419) 242-4222 Blue Line Roofers: Toledo Roofers | Roofing | Roof Repairs | Roofing Services Blue Line Roofing, one of the leading Toledo roofing services provider, is happy to offer you a free roof inspection and estimate. If you are considering your options between roof repair and re-roofing, we are […]

Read More → Sewing Machine Repair Cleveland Ohio Call: (216) 232-3549 Sewing Machine Repair Cleveland Ohio Searching for sewing machine repair Cleveland Ohio services? Then contact our efficient and expert sewing machine repair services team to find out more about our various services, created to meet your exact needs. All our sewing machine repair Cleveland professionals have […]

Read More → Plumbing Finday Ohio Call: (419) 326-5192 Plumbing Findlay Ohio problem? Need a plumbing company or an emergency plumber Findlay Ohio. Affordable Plumbing Findlay Ohio Service. Call 419-326-5192 Our Local Company If your toilet breaks or a drain clogs you need a plumber. When you come home to discover a major leak or find yourself […]

Read More → Orange Soap with Calendula The citrusy sweet smell of handmade orange soap.  Images of a bright summer day like a marigold. The magnificent flower, scientifically known as calendula, only grows in sun-drenched areas and has blooms that range from golden to orange and every hue in between. Just as much a marigold looks like summer, oranges […]

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