Boise Bubble Ball Fun in Boise – Treasure Valley

Bubble Ball rentals – soccer in Boise Idaho

The reception to bubbleball in the US has been mostly positive, catching the attention of major news networks such as Univision, Sports Illustrated, Thrillist, and Buzzfeed. In May 2015, several stars including Nash Grier, Jack Gilinsky, Max Schneider, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sebastian Jude, and Josh Devine of One Direction participated in a youtube video promoting the game.

Bud Light incorporated bubbleballs in several videos for their UpForWhatever campaign during June 2015. On July 22, 2015, bubbleballs made an appearance on Good Morning America. On September 8, 2015 bubbleballs were also featured on The Today Show. On November 20, 2015, bubbleballs appeared on season 7 of Shark Tank. It failed to gain funding because of the National Association of Bubble Soccer’s convoluted business model.

Critics of the game have primarily expressed concerns over safety following the associated zorb tragedies and viral videos online. Bubbleball Inc. maintains that no serious injuries have been reported via rental channels nor sales channels and bubbleballs, when properly fitted, are as safe for use, if not safer, than any other sport.

Representatives of other companies have also noted that certain injuries are a uniform risk across every sport: twisted ankles, banged-up knees, etc, and that using bubbleballs is no different.

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