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Now – apply that same concept to SEO and your website…

Can you see what a mess you can make out of your website if you don’t have a good plan, the right ingredients, and a list of how much of what goes where?

You can ruin a great meal by adding too much salt, too much oil, not enough flour, or even by cooking it too long. Much the same, you can totally fry your website if you don’t have enough of the SEO – site building – or backlinking ingredients. Or worse yet, you don’t even know what SEO ingredients you should be using.

What needs to go in your META tags and your title tags?
What keywords should you use and how many times should you use them on one page?
What size images should you use? How fast do your pages load?
Can mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) read and render your website?
What is a backlink – how do you get them – how many should you get – and from where do you get them?
Do you see where we’re going with this?

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