JFNoxus plays the Downfall Remake! Check out her channel here: http://bit.ly/jfnoxus

Downfall is Remigiusz Michalski’s previous game (with a different style and no voice acting). The game is focused on Joe Davis and his wife Ivy Davis who stop by at the Quiet Haven Hotel for the night. Joe Davis and Ivy Davis also make an appearance in The Cat Lady during one chapter.

Downfall offers a very different style from The Cat Lady, as it offers more point-and-click. The player takes on the role of Joe Davis, a man searching for his wife in a hotel. Downfall is a puzzle game, so players must interact with and look at just about everything in order to advance.

The remake offers new music, voice acting, and has a style closer to that of The Cat Lady.

The Downfall Remake costs $13.99 (USD) on Steam and has received a very positive response from gamers. Check it out here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/364…

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