italian greyhound puppies

If you’re an art significant other, you may have witnessed the italian greyhound puppies with centuries-old portraits, immortalized because of their noble owners by famous artists. That slender, elegant dog will be the smallest of this sighthounds the gang of dogs bred to hunt by sight and present chase and closely resembles his much larger Greyhound cousin.

Agile as well as athletic, he has a small, muscular body and a tasteful high-stepping gait. The particular IG, as he’s called, retains his thought for hunting small game and may chase anything which moves. He can get to top speeds of 25 miles hourly, so if they gets loose he will not easy to hook. Although he’s tiny, he has a lot of energy and appreciates a good amount of opportunities to workout. A fit IG can make a good running partner.

The Italian Greyhound has a gentle personality, loving and affectionate with members of the family, but often earmarked or shy together with strangers. Despite his or her mild nature, he’s a surprisingly heavy, big-dog bark, making him a superb watchdog although he has been too small to support his barks and provide any actual protection.

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