All About The Miniature Pinscher


The AKC Standard says that characteristic traits of the miniature pinscher are “fearless animation, complete self-possession, and spirited presence.”
This sleek, elegant breed with the quick, prancing gait is perhaps the “busiest” and most intense of the toy breeds. Assertive and proud, athletic and agile, the Miniature Pinscher is convinced that he’s a big dog. He seems to be in perpetual motion and enjoys brisk, vigorous, interactive games.
He also demands cuddling and often must be surgically removed from your lap or chest whenever you rise from the couch. He is a lover of comfort — usually that lump under the blanket is the resident Min Pin.
Outdoors, he must be kept on-leash or in a securely fenced area at all times, for he is sharp-eyed, curious, and extremely quick. Unless exceptionally well-trained, Min Pins don’t come back when you call them, and often they don’t stay where you leave them — they are artful climbers and clever escape artists.
Keenly observant and territorial, the miniature pinscher puppies takes his watchdog role seriously, often showing strangers his backside accompanied by defiant kicking of the ground with his rear feet. Early and frequent socialization is required so that he doesn’t become sharp or shrill.
Min Pins can be dominant with other dogs, and smaller creatures will be pursued with determination.
In the right hands, this bright breed is very trainable, but he has a mind of his own and can be headstrong and demanding. Miniature Pinschers are tough on toys and will rip squeakers and stuffed animals to shreds. They love to bark, and housebreaking can be difficult.
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