pointer dog – pointer dogs

pointer dog ís an authentic sporting dog who really should not be confined indoors for long periods of time. They are athletic and full of energy, and are happiest after they are running. They are sweet, gentle animals who definitely are polite and enticing to strangers and shouldn’t be relied upon to be watchful guard pets. pointer dogs are perfect for active people, preferably those exactly who enjoy hunting.

pointer dogs tend to be rowdy and rambunctious and need plenty of exercise; and just if you think they’ve experienced enough, they’ll likely want more. This breed wasn’t designed to become household pet, but rather to become sturdy, reliable hunting companion within the field, and present day Pointer has not really lost this wish. For owners who will not hunt, a commitment needs to be made to join their pointer with tracking or agility activities to be able to satisfy their need to run and consider. If a pointer dog doesn’t get enough exercising, they will resort to barking and chewing which can develop severe stress and anxiety.

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