Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Treasure Valley

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Trucking accident attorneys in Idaho.




Trucking Accident: Driving too many hours Treasure Valley.

There are strict rules about a driver’s hours on the road and mandated hours of rest. Many drivers bend these rules in order to make delivery deadlines and make more money. Some drivers fudge logbooks and lie to inspectors in an attempt to log more miles. Trucking accident law firm Treasure Valley Idaho.


Trucking Accident: Intoxicated driving Treasure Valley.

The legal blood alcohol limit for commercial truck drivers is half the legal limit for other drivers. The sheer size and weight of a tractor trailer make it extremely dangerous when a driver is impaired by alcohol or other drugs. Truck accident attorney Boise and Treasure Valley.,+ID/@43.6007205,-116.3739816,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x54aef172e947b49d:0x9a5b989b36679d9b!8m2!3d43.6187102!4d-116.2146068


Trucking Accident: Improper loads Treasure Valley.

To save costs, some trucking companies overload their trailers. The extra weight increases braking distance. If loads are not secured properly they can shift and cause drivers to lose control. Tractor Trailer Trucking Accident lawyer Treasure Valley.


Trucking Accident Poor maintenance Treasure Valley.

Neglecting routine maintenance can cause catastrophic accidents. Trucks are expensive to maintain and can’t make money when they are in the shop. Constant driving under heavy loads stress the rig and can lead to mechanical failures and crashes.


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