Thinning Hair in Women – Thinning Hair Women

Thinning hair in women is not to be taken sitting down. In a world where having good looks is very important, losing your crowning glory sure is quite devastating. Besides, it could be caused by some underlying problems that may require prompt attention.
It’s normal to lose a few hair strands every now and then. On average, about a hundred falling out hair strands a day is considered normal. But beyond that, noticeable thinning hair women can follow suit.
In women, there are several different causes of hair thinning. It’s important for you to know what could be causing your problem. This way, you got an idea how to solve it early on.

Aging is something unstoppable, as of the time being. And one of the effects of aging is slowing down of certain body processes, including hair growth. Try not to be harsh with your hair to minimize falling out. Stick to mild hair cleansing and hairstyling products.

Hormones also play a part in hair thinning. It’s common during pregnancy and after childbirth, as hormonal shifts are taking place in the body. The falling out usually ceases on its own. Women entering the menopausal stage also observe hair thinning as certain hormones begin to decrease. For this, ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy.
Chemotherapy and radiation therapy often mistake active hair follicles for cancer cells. Hair follicles are destroyed, thus growth of new hair becomes inefficient. Women undergoing such treatments solve the problem with hats and wigs. There are also medications that can contribute to hair thinning in women. If you’re taking medications for high blood pressure and gout, observe if you’re losing hair more than average. Then tell your doctor about it so other medications may be prescribed.

Nutritional deficiency makes hair fall out excessively and impede growth of new ones. It’s not surprising why women undergoing crash or fad diets are bugged by hair loss. Aside from this, they also get cracked lips, dry skin, fatigue and irritability, among others. The hair loss problem may be addressed by taking on proper eating habits.
Stress also causes hair loss among women. If you’re always busy with your job or school works, it’s likely that you will notice falling out beyond average. That’s why it’s important to try to de-stress on a regular basis. Having regular exercise will help – yoga, pilates, walking and even gardening. Better yet, get lots of rest and sleep.

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