Lot 353* Mitchell (William Frederick, 1845-1914). An archive of over 400 pen and ink drawings of naval ships, destroyers cruisers and other pre-World War I vessels, mostly circa 1901-1914, all pen and ink with occasional pencil and scattered touches of watercolour and gouache but generally plain, mostly apparently final tracing and all numbered (circa 2000-3118) and all but a few signed ‘W. Fred Mitchell’ and mostly dated, some on lined paper, occasional notes for preparation for publication in Brassey’s Naval Annual, etc., the majority within pen and ink rules and with name of vessel in capital inked letter beneath lower rule, 22 on sheet sizes approximately 26.5 x 37.5cm (10.5 x 14.75in), 2 slightly larger, the remainder drawn to rectos of 336 sheets, approximately 19 x 28.5cm (7.5 x 11in), of these 56 sheets with 2 half-page drawings, all sheets with versos blank, scattered minor marks and corner pinholes, but generally VG, the collection now neatly presented in clear sleeves in 4 modern folders An impressive collection of what would appear to be Mitchell’s drawings for his own reference collection. Mitchell numbered his works consecutively and the identification numbers run to more than 3,500 works. This archive therefore records over 10% of his entire output. Many of the drawings would have been used for Brassey’s Naval Annual and similar works, and many show the printer’s markings and size mark-ups, while others would have been preparatory studies for the watercolours and oil paintings for which he is now best known. (approx. 360) £3000-5000

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