Bearded Collie Facts

When anyone describes a bearded collie, the adjective most often used is enthusiastic! That word, along with hardy, exuberant, active, energetic, bright, reliable, and trustworthy should give you the beginnings of a picture of this well-loved breed. The Bearded Collie, known affectionately as the Beardie, is the ultimate shaggy dog. The name bearded collie comes from the hair that hangs down from the chin and forms a beard.
Bearded Collie Facts


The bearded collies enthusiasm is displayed in his bouncy nature. It’s said that Beardies working in thick undergrowth in Scotland would bounce up to see where the sheep were and that when confronted by stubborn sheep they bark and bounce in front of it to get it to move. Whatever the case, bearded collies bounce along through life with a constantly wagging tail and an upbeat, clownish attitude.
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