Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2018- In Ct



Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Connecticut for 2018

If you are a resident of Ct, then you may want to check out a Medicare supplement plan. Medicare supplement plans or what are know as medigap plans, help to plug the gaps in Medicare. For example, if you enter the hospital, you have to pay roughly $1,300 dollars the first day that you are admitted. This is what is known as the part A deductible. If after a few days you have to be admitted to skilled nursing, you may have a daily skilled nursing co-pay. Typically you get the first 20 days paid for by Medicare. Days 21-100 you would have to pay around $165.00 dollars a day. This could add up very quickly if you had to spend all 100 days in the skilled nursing or nursing home. This all falls under the Part A of Medicare.

Now if you have to go see the doctor, then you would have a once a year deductible you must meet which is $183 dollars for year 2018. Then once you have met this deductible you must pay 20% of the bill. Medicare picks up 80% and you are responsible for the remaining portion of the bill. This is where your Part B comes into play. Typically part B will pay for things like doctor visits, out patient services, blood work, diagnostic tests, mri, x-rays and durable medical equipment. Again you would be responsible for paying 20 percent for these services. So again this could add up very quickly.

This is where medicare supplement plans would come into play. These plans can help to plug the gaps or deductibles that we discussed above. Medigap plans in Ct can range from plans A-N. Each plan gets more comprehensive the higher you go and cover different areas or deductibles in Medicare. The most popular plans are plans F, G, and N. This is because these plans cover the most services and also are competitively priced in most states. Connecticut is unique because you can get into these plans at any time throughout the year. What is also nice is that you can get into these plans without any underwriting. Most states you must go thru medical underwriting if you are outside of the open enrollment period or your guarantee issue status. With Connecticut you can sign up without any medical underwriting and get issued as long as you had a certified or compatible plan prior to signing up. If you would like to see some sample information check out the video below.

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