Borzoi Dog Training

They borzoi dog are very intelligent and capable learners. Training the borzoi dog. needs a gentle, but firm and consistent owner.

The Borzoi dog needs an owner who displays a natural authority over him, making the rules of the home clear and confidently sticking to them. Borzoi dogs often appear to be cat-like in that they keep themselves quite clean. The borzoi dog is very quiet, rarely barking. Like all other sighthounds,

The borzoi dog is very fast and have little to no territorial instinct. Therefore, the borzoi dog cannot be trusted off leash, unless in a securely fenced or very safe area.
If the borzoi dog gets sight of a small animal they may take off after it and not even hear you calling them back. The borzoi dogs are good with other dogs but should be supervised with small non-canine pets such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Leaving a borzoi dog with small animals is not advised.

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