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This is important for those who were affected by the California Wildfires or Mudslides resulting from the Wildfires. You may be eligible for compensation. Definitely get on this and contact 877-703-0905. It is a FREE consultation.

If you have been effected by the wildfires (Nuns Fire, Tubes Fire, Atlas Fire, Pocket Fire, Sulphur Fire, Redwood Valley Fire, Bear Fire, Thomas Fire, Ventura County Fire, Lilac Fire, Santa Rosa Fire), contact our office to determine if you are eligible for compensation from the wildfires.

Fires caused by electric power lines are in most cases entirely preventable. Companies that put their bottom lines above the safety of the public need be held accountable, not only to compensate those people harmed, but also to change their ways. Public safety must be first, and not second.

The harm caused by fire can be devastating. People die in horrible ways. First responders risk their lives to protect others and their property. People lose their homes, which is a much greater loss than losing a house. Personal property gathered over the years is destroyed, along with keepsakes and photos that helped keep memories alive. Fleeing a nearby fire is no joke. Veterans have said that escaping a raging fire was the most scared they had been in their lives, second only to enemy fire. Lives are upended, and the mental suffering is very real and very serious. When an electric utility causes a preventable fire by inadequate care of its power lines, the only real recourse – for compensation and to improve safety – is through the courts.

Our perspective on power line fires, gained from deep experience, forms our approach to representation of people harmed by these fires. What we offer is knowledgeable, experienced, highly personalized, ethical, and determined representation of families, farmers, vintners, and businesses to maximize recovery in a forceful and honest way.

We understand each case is different and deserves personalized attention. We also understand that you have a choice among many lawyers to represent you. What we offer is different from many others competing for your representation. If you choose us, you will not be part of a lawyer assembly line or class action, which tend to mostly benefit the lawyers; nor will you be lost in the shuffle of hundreds of clients. We are not interested in “getting the most cases.”

We are dedicated to gaining full and fair compensation for our clients by diligent presentation of their cases both as to utility fault and client damages. It is important we make a difference in how utilities operate so these fires will not happen again.

Learn More about our Rapid Recovery Assessment Program to expedite rebuilding your home and getting reimbursement for all of your damages and all of the emotional distress and upheaval in your life.
You may be eligible for compensation. Definitely get on this and contact 877-703-0905. It is a FREE consultation.

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