chow chow dog – chow chow puppies

chow chow dog – chow chow puppies

The chow chow dog has been identified as a basal breed that predates the emergence of the modern breeds in the 19th Century.

The breed probably originated in the high steppe regions of Siberia or Mongolia, and much later used as temple guards in China, Mongolia and Tibet. A bas-relief from 150 BC (during the Han Dynasty) includes a hunting dog similar in appearance to the chow chow puppies . Later chow chow puppies  were bred as a general-purpose working dog for herding, hunting, pulling, and guarding.

From what records survive, some historians believe that the chow chow dog was described as accompanying the Mongolian armies as they invaded southward into China as well as west into Europe and southwest into the Middle East in the 13th century AD. The breed belongs to a subset identified by a particular genetic cluster, which includes breeds from central Africa, the Middle East, Tibet, China, Japan and the Arctic.

It has been suggested that the origin of this subset may have originated with pariah dogs in Asia, who migrated with nomadic human groups

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