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Did you know that there are construction grants for the Chicago area?

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What are ThermaSteel panels?
Thermasteel panels are made up of a steel structure, insulation, sheathing, and vapor barrier. The outer structure is perfectly designed to work with our thin brick products, providing a solid and well-insulated modular construction with an attractive real brick finish. Our customers see an average savings of 60% on their labor costs alone.

Because of the closed-cell construction of these SIPs, the level of insulation (R Rating) ranges from 29 to 49, depending on the model of SIP. Not only that, but their sound insulation rating (STC) ranges from 56 to 85 – making them perfect for multi-family, hotel/motel, and dormitory construction projects where sound dampening and insulation are vitally important.

The REVPANEL can be used to construct these structures up to a height eight stories without any additional support structures and are highly resistant to seismic activity, fire, and even hurricanes.

Modular construction using these structural insulated panels is significantly faster than standard stick construction. Thermasteel panels come pre-numbered and weigh around 45 lbs, meaning that they can be carried and installed by individual workers. In fact, two crews of three men each can frame a 2,100 sq ft single story home in under 5 hours.

– Meets energy code requirements without adding extra material, while remaining structurally sound.
– No nutritional value for insects
– Suitable for multi-story, high-rise applications, as well as infill or curtain wall applications
– Offers load bearing, sound reduction, thermal insulation, and vapor barrier characteristics
– Flexibility with both gauges of steel and thickness of the panel will meet the needs for your projects
– Thermally broken
– Reduced framing time

Learn more about Thermasteel and Thin Brick products at:
And about ComEd grants here:

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