Flavorful Vegan Easy Hummus Recipe – High Protein High Fiber Snack

Hummus, low fat, high fiber snack, high protein vegan snack is a perfect addition to a healthy diet. This one is an easy hummus recipe. You can make this easy homemade hummus recipe in 5 minutes.
This is a vegan easy hummus recipe. If you want to learn how to make easy homemade hummus from scratch this 1.5 minute video will teach you. This simple, easy, very flavorful vegan hummus recipe will bring you many compliments. Processing it a little longer gives you the smoothest and flavorful hummus.
In addition to being an excellent high protein snack and high fiber snack, chickpeas used in hummus are rich in iron, folate, phosphorus and B vitamins. It would be an excellent snack for vegans and vegetarians who may be lacking these nutrients.

Here are the some health benefits of hummus:
– Hummus promotes Weight Loss and Helps You Maintain a Healthy Body Weight
– Hummus is great for Those With Intolerances, as It’s Naturally Gluten, Nut and Dairy Free
– Hummus contains Heart-Healthy Ingredients that may reduce Heart Disease Risk
– Hummus has a Low Glycemic Index, So may help control Blood Sugar Levels
– Hummus is high in fiber that promotes Digestive Health and feeds your Good Gut Bacteria
– Hummus is rich in ingredients proven to Help Fight Inflammation
– Hummus being super Nutritious and packed With Plant-Based Protein makes it an excellent snack for vegans just like everyone else.
It is an excellent high fiber snack, high protein vegan snack.

This recipe gives you a very flavorful Hummus. However if you want to add different toppings you can do it. I love toasted pine nuts, paprika, roasted peppers in my hummus. I always eat it with pita bread carrots and celeries.

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