How To Heal and Energize Your Body With Ease And No Pain With Dual Combination of Yoga and Pilates On A Gravity System

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A Few Short Sessions Make a Difference
Barry Method is a dual combination of yoga and Pilates on a gravity system similar to the Total Gym. Exercises by the Barry Method emphasize strength and core work which helps to restructure and realign the body into perfect balance.

Barry Method incorporates a technique designed by Colette called “Muscle Memory Contact” which involves commanding mind over muscle to help heal the body quicker and restore optimum movement and functioning of whole body rhythm.

Ideal workout as a rehabilitation as well as for serious athletes. This technique allows participants of almost any age or physical condition to benefit and experience remarkable results in just a few short visits. There is nothing like this on the market today.

From professional athletes to those who suffers with chronic pain have experienced wonderful results from our programs.

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