irish wolfhound puppies – irish wolfhound

irish wolfhound puppies – irish wolfhound

The irish wolfhound had been originally a war dog utilized to drag men down horseback or down chariots.

He was also used like a hunting dog plus a guard dog. They hunted wolves and elks once they were abundant with Ireland.

Oliver Cromwell rescued irish wolfhound puppies by refusing allowing the export of any further from Ireland soon after their numbers dwindled.

Within the mid 1800s Captain George Augustus introduced the breed returning form the edge of extinction through cross-breeding wolfhounds using deerhounds, great danes in addition to mastiffs.

The pure Irish wolfhound also comes in various colors, from cream to black. Wheatens, reds of varied shades, and greys from pale silver to help slate are involved, either with or without brindling. Light on tip of tail and toes (and legs) is usually acceptable, but excess whitened spotting (blaze or collar) seriously isn’t.

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