Learn Eye & Lash Makeup Artistry Using Bold Color, Layering Textures, Homemade Artistic Lashes and Effects

Advance your makeup artistry using bold color, layering textures, using homemade artistic lashes and artistic effects.

There is so much in the world to inspire the work of an artist. As a makeup artist, sometimes we want to get beyond the basics of pretty beauty makeup and expand our viewpoint with a more creative and artistic perpective. Thankfully, there are so many tools, both cosmetic and non cosmetic that allow us to take a walk on the wild side at times and unleash the giant within us. In this course we invite you to free your mind and take an artful approach to your makeup application. Use your own vision and unique makeup personality to create looks that are unique to you and the energy you bring to the world of makeup.

Take a step out of the box. If you don’t see a color you want, make it! If you cannot find the perfect lash for a look, create it yourself!

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