Learn How To Becoming A Professional Hollywood Makeup Artist From Makeup Industry Expert Makeup

Learn from Makeup Industry Expert, Patty Bunch. Patti is the leading Makeup Artist working in Television and Film today.

This class is essential for anyone that aspires to be a makeup artist professionally or otherwise. It is vital to understanding business, protocol, how to network, and how to create and seize opportunities. Upon completing this course, you will understand how best to take your job as a makeup artist and transform it into a money earning career.

Industry Expert
Patty Bunch Makeup-Artist

As a two-time Emmy nominated make-up artist, Patty is in constant demand by producers, directors and network executives. She has been a contributing make-up expert for such magazines as Allure, In-Style, TIME, Teen Vogue, and W. Her personal clients include Hollywood stars’ Billy Crystal, Patricia Heaton, Geena Davis, Megan Mulally, and Reba McIntire. Patty has worked on over 50 television shows with Desperate Housewives, Who’s the Boss, Mike and Molly, Designing Women, Greek, $#*! My Dad Says, and, Will and Grace among her credits.

Also, Patty is a licensed esthetician and founder of APB (Agency Patty Bunch), a highly regarded networking agency for professional make-up artists. She has served as a Master Educator for MAC, Genie Beauty Products, and other top tier cosmetic companies. Patty has worked on many blockbuster films and extensively with film celebrities such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Anniston.

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