Local Search Engine Optimization Service | Local Keyword Research

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Local Search Engine Optimization Service | Local Keyword Research

Hi, and thanks for checking out my local search engine optimization service where I will do local keyword research for over ten (10) keywords in any city and state of your choice.

All you have to do is click the link below, send your order. You will be asked to submit up to ten (10) keywords in the local niche of your choice, along with a city and state.

Using a unique local keyword generator, I will create a notpad file with fourteen (14) variations for each keyword, like this:

[keyword] [city]
[keyword] in [city]
[keyword] [city] [state abbreviation]
[keyword] in [city] [state abbreviation]
[city] [keyword]
[city] [state abbreviation] [keyword]
[keyword] [city] [state]
[keyword] in [city] [state]
[city] [state] [keyword]
[state] [keyword]
[keyword] [state abbreviation]
[keyword] [state]
[keyword] in [state abbreviation]
[keyword] in [state]

For ten (10) keywords, this will give you 140 local keywords that will be just the thing for:

1) Optimizing either local videos or

2) A high-end, low-competition SEO silo website, which can be ranked and rented, as described at SourceWave:



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