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Denise Duffield-Thomas and just what is this “lucky bitch” things?

Denise Duffield-Thomas – everyone has money blocks.

Basically, I help ladies like you get over your money blocks.

You know that disgusting sensation in your stubborn belly when a person asks you to function for free?

Wait, that appears rubbish.

I’m like an entrance drug to a life-long relationship with loan.

oops … that seems dodgy also.

Pay attention lucky bee, (can I call you that yet?), I develop safe places for females to speak cash, cash money as well as wealth. We do cash in a completely different method to the men in company.

Truthfully– they do not understand why we often undermine our income.

I get it.

You will be sworn in into a secret society of Lucky all over the globe. A globe where it’s fine to make money As Well As aid a butt-load of individuals.

We get it.

In some cases you’re scared. In some cases you’re humiliated. Sometimes this loan shit triggers all your secret worries concerning on your own.

Don’t worry, I’m right here to assist.

You could expect REAL TALK from me. I’m your no-nonsense but loving Virgo friend.

The one that informs you that look inexpensive (pricing sensible). That you must value yourself extra. That you’ve got a booger hanging out your nose.

With love.

I create free courses for you, like this one on 7 money blocks, or this mini workshop on ways to figure out your rates, or even this set on ways to generate income in 24 hours. Entirely cost-free.

I create books on money. They are funny and also have a lot of swear words. Please do not whine and write about my “chicken language”. I will certainly make fun of your punctuation on the net (cluck, cluck). Obtain a few cost-free phases of “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” here before you devote the ten bucks >>

I run a life-altering money course with a 1000+ females from throughout the world. Not to blow smoke up my very own butt, yet it’s possibly the most effective financial investment you can make in on your own. Read several of the success tales of the Lucky Bitch Cash Bootcamp here >>

Discussing rates turns me on. Inspiring you to boost your costs (or hell, INCREASING them) is why I been around.

I’ll offer it to you if you need consent to gain a crap-load of loan.

I can state with overall sincerity as well as only a little bit of ego, that I’m an ace in the hole of numerous successful business owners.

I’m not taking credit report for their ability. Nope. Just helping them get out of their very own method, so they could bill perfectly for their impact on the world.

Make even more loan, have more enjoyable, help even more individuals.

That’s why we’re below.

It’s not about being lucky. It’s not about being a bitch.

It’s about developing YOUR version of an Extraordinary life.


Desire a lot more Denise? That doesn’t desire even more Denise !?
Below are 7 random realities about me:
I’m a super introvert who masquerades as a character. I’m not shy, I just need great deals of alone time. Plus, leaving the house needs putting on a bra and allow’s face it, how many events are really bra deserving?

I was a specialist kids’s entertainer from age sixteen. Every college holidays I was executing in shopping malls spruced up as a pirate, a fairy or inside a hot, sweaty mascot costume. I even carried out as an Olympic Mascot.

I won a crazy, incredible travel competition with my hubby. 6 months blogging about deluxe 5-Star honeymoon hotels around the world. The catch? We had to restore our wedding promises in every location. 87 wedding events later, we’re still going solid. (I discuss how I won the competitors in my book, Lucky Bitch).

I when auditioned for a comedy club … as well as bombed. THANK GODDESS this was pre-Facebook, pre-iPhone days. Allow’s wish the video isn’t really still available … My jokes had to do with making love with large echidna costumes … I led my time.

My initial company at age 9 was an overall flop, offering hand-made arm bands for absolutely no earnings (loan blocks begin early). My following company was offering created Kylie Minogue letters for five dollars a pop. I have actually discovered a whole lot about money as well as honesty ever since.

My little girl Willow was born 30 minutes prior to I was meant to speak with a popular business owner. I’m wishing she’ll be an entrepreneur as well, like her mom.

I live in Newcastle, Australia– a beach town a few hrs out of Sydney. I’m incredibly stealth below as well as never ever discuss my service. That way I could go covert with unclean hair, imitation Ugg boots as well as freely choose my nose at the traffic signal.

Denise Duffield-Thomas – everyone has money blocksBasically, I help females like you obtain over your loan obstructs., I produce safe areas for females to speak money, abundance and also money. Obtain a pair of cost-free phases of “Obtain Rich, Lucky Bitch” right here prior to you dedicate the ten bucks >>

I run a life-changing money course cash program 1000+ women from all around the world. Check out some of the success stories of the Lucky Bitch Cash Bootcamp here >>

Talking about chatting regarding me on. My initial company at age 9 was a complete flop, selling hand-made arm bands for zero profit (money blocks start early).

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