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All about maltipoo puppies

Crossbred puppies like the maltipoo puppies, even within the same litter, can look very different from one another, and can look the same as or different from either of their parents. The maltipoo is usually extremely small, but his size, color, coat type, temperament, activity level, and health risks will vary depending on what that individual puppy has inherited from his parents.

maltipoo puppies are likely to be a bit of a barker, making them a good watchdog. Nip nuisance barking in the bud with gentle correction. And though he’ll probably like children and other dogs, you’ll need to protect him from excessive roughness from either.

Generally, maltipoos weigh about 10 pounds and have a slightly scruffy coat, although it can also be curly like the Poodle’s coat. They can come in a variety of colors, but are often white or cream.

Maltipoo Facts
Maltipoos are first and foremost companion dogs who should live in the home. The maltipoo is too small and delicate to live outdoors.

With their sweet, gentle temperament, maltipoo puppies can make great therapy dogs.
Because of their small size, the toy maltipoo is best suited to homes with older children who will handle them carefully

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