Metal Panels for Brick Veneer Systems

There are three major issues when dealing with metal paneling systems in thin brick applications:
1) Oil canning, where the expansion of the metal panels from external heat, and later contraction caused by cold temperatures, cause the adhesives used to break their bonds and cause brick displacement.

2) Water Infiltration, where moisture is able to seep behind the brick and cause the metal panels to rust, leading to their eventual failure.

3) Corner Failure, which is most common when the thin brick is installed over wood structures. The movement of the building, such as the expansion/contraction mentioned above, causes the brick to crack.

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These issues lead to costly repairs and damaged reputations among clients. However, an alternative metal panel system for thin brick applications has been developed that circumvents these challenges.
– Our new metal panel systems utilize galvanized metal. The galvanization process changes the metal at the molecular level and prevents all forms of rust. Normal metal panels used a baked-on powder coating which is still highly susceptible to rust.

– Our metal panel system has built-in water drainage patterns that redirect moisture away from the structure and panels. At the same time, it allows for airflow behind the panels so that any remaining moisture dries more quickly.

– This pattern stamping process also causes the panels to be more rigid. Additionally, we now offer a 3Ci insulated panel option which can be placed between concrete and polystyrene insulation or between the insulation and exterior wall.

– We cannot stress the importance of proper water drainage enough. Anyone that has dealt with water damage will know how expensive and dangerous prolonged water exposure is to the structure, as well as the health of the occupants.

– In place of traditional adhesives, we use a patented adhesive that forms not only a bond but wraps around the stamped holes to physically lock the brick to the panel.

– Our specially designed corner panel eliminates corner cracking by isolating the brick from the movement of the structure and come in 16”x8’ panels, though they can be customized.

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