miniature dachshund

Your miniature dachshund might look cute as well as cuddly, but they’re tirelessly energetic, clever and curious some might say intense. Always up for just a walk or a game in the car park, they can simply get bored when left to their own devices for to much time

Though very loyal to their owners, Miniature Dachshunds can remember to warm up to other people. This is not necessarily bad: Their (sometimes) relentless barking on the sign of unknown people makes them an incredibly handy-albeit tiny-guard dog.

Dachshunds, true to their hunting lineage, love the outside. With a decent-sized yard to operate around, they can frolic: chasing modest animals, fervently barking even digging a number of holes. They is likewise happy in a rental (they are one of the most popular city dogs), but require a great deal of play, interaction and regular walks to stay in physical and thought shape.

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