Nezha Warframe Review

The Warframe Nezha is fast, agile, and surprisingly powerful.

This is Nezha, the protector, the quick.

Feel the heat, Tenno. Nezha is a burning thing, and he makes a fiery ring.


Able to quickly dash around the map and with the extended slide ability, Nezha is able to attack enemies from multiple fronts and keep opponents guessing. Not to mentio Nezha’s #2 skill which casts out a ring of fire that the player can teleport to by using the ability again. As a low-level character, MR 4, I have been able to solo Lith style maps up to wave 20. Which is a big improvement compared to my maxed out Volt that can only reach wave 16 or 17 on its own.

  • Nezha came to game with Wukong, Excalibur, and Umbra. Together with Wukong, they form part of the classic story A Journey to the East.
  • In Chinese folklore, Nezha is known as a protection deity and is the third son of Li Jing. He is also known by his title of “Third Lotus Prince”, which was bestowed on him following his deification, and his Taoist name of “Marshal of the Central Altar”.
  • The Warframe’s androgynous appearance is a nod to the deity’s youthful appearance, which belied his reputation as a trickster. To clear out any confusion regarding this, Digital Extremes has stated that the Warframe is male.
  • The rings that adorn the Warframe’s body (and are used for some of his abilities) are also references to Nezha’s lore;
    The rings on his ankles (which are activated when Fire Walker is in use) are known as the Wind Fire Wheels and allowed the deity to walk in the air or fly.
    The ring on his back (which is utilized when casting Blazing Chakram) is known as the Universe Ring while the spears summoned by casting Divine Spears seem to be derived from the Fire-tipped Spear. Both artifacts were bestowed by his teacher Taiyi Zhenren.
  • Nezha appears in Journey to the West, under the command of his father Li Jing. In the story, Li Jing’s troops (among other forces) are summoned to fight Sun Wukong after the latter rebels against the Jade Emperor. Nezha is among those Wukong defeats after a three-day long battle, but the two befriend each other and Nezha would assist Wukong and his friends during their travels.
  • Prior to Update: The War Within, Nezha’s component blueprints were obtained via Sortie rewards. Furthermore, Nezha was the first and only non-Prime Warframe whose component part blueprints could be traded between players. Since the update, trading is no longer possible.

The only down-side to this character, which is highly debatable, is that it’ll take a long time for new players to obtain him. Or, you could cheat and buy cheap platinum and get him immediately.

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