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All About The Norfolk Terrier


 The norfolk terrier breed is loveable and very affectionate that makes it very good with children and friendly with strangers. It is a good companion breed that is easy to train and very loyal. It gets along well with other dogs but has an instinct to hunt animals that are smaller than themselves, so caution is advised around smaller pets.

 Their friendly nature mean that the norfolk terrier puppies  do not make for a good watchdogs, but will offer great companionship.

norfolk terrier puppies are an active breed which needs lot of daily exercise.

Daily long walks are essential to keep the dog healthy both physically and mentally. The walks should be supplemented with a romp in an open area every now and then.

This breed loves the game of catch and retrieve. However, it should not be let off the leash in an unsecured area because of its innate hunting instincts.

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