norwegian elkhound – elkhound

Your norwegian elkhound is amongst the ancient Northern Spitz-type dog breed and is the National Dog associated with Norway. The Elkhound has served like a hunter, guardian, herder, and defender. It is known for its daring in tracking and hunting moose (or elk) and also other large game, for instance bear or bad guy. The Norwegian Elkhound was presented at your dog exhibition in Norway in 1877. It is amongst the oldest dog breeds, and Elkhounds have been found buried throughout Viking burial coffee grounds. They make superb family pets.

The AKC type name Norwegian elkhound is often a direct translation by its original Norwegian name Norsk Elghund, this means “Norwegian moose puppy. ” The breed’s object inside the hunt is to independently uncover and hold the moose at bay—jumping throughout and out towards the moose, distracting it’s attention, while signaling on the hunters by too much barking very loudly—until the hunter who follows the sound could arrive to throw it. The dog will bark while the moose is immobile, but it also can slowly drive the moose towards shooters lying in delay. The Norwegian Elkhound can also be used on a leash. In that mode of finest, the dog brings the hunter in the direction of the moose whilst keeping quiet.

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