old english sheepdog

old english sheepdog

The actual old english sheepdog is usually a strong, compact, block dog. The topline is lower at the back, sloping higher toward the spine end. The chest is deep and broad. The head is large having a well-defined stop. The actual nose is dark. The teeth meet inside a level or limited scissors bite. Eyes are available in brown, blue or considered one of each color. The medium sized ears are carried flat towards head. The front legs are extremely straight and this hind legs are generally round and carved. The small feet point straight ahead and are also round with well-arched toes.

The old english sheepdog is actually either born tailless (as this name Bobtail implies) or is totally amputated. Note: it really is illegal to dock tails for most parts of Europe. The shaggy, double coat is actually long and profuse having a good, hard, textured outer coat and a soft, waterproof undercoat. Fur colors include gray, grizzle, blue, orange gray, blue merle, gray with white markings or white having gray markings.

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