Refrigerator Shelf Repair

If you think about it, you can survive without an oven, a microwave, and even a toaster – there are foods that require none of those things. And, technically, you can survive without a fridge, who would want to? Your fridge is the bearer of ice cream, milk, cheese, and opened cans of refried beans. The keys to our very survival. So, what happens when our fridges break? The most common refrigerator repair is for the shelves. They are made of thin plastic and it seems like the only part of a refrigerator shelf that ever breaks is the one part that you need to connect it to the rest of the fridge. Not only that, but those plastics are made from special space-age polymers that are specifically designed to resist any sort of bonding agent so that food doesn’t stick to them. So how do you fix a refrigerator shelf? You use Tech-Bond.

It makes the job fast and easy, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new fridge!

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