rhodesian ridgebacks – rhodesian ridgeback

rhodesian ridgebacks – rhodesian ridgeback


The actual rhodesian ridgeback is usually tolerant of kids, but can be too rambunctious pertaining to toddlers.

Because with their size, intelligence, as well as power, rhodesian ridgebacks may not be recommended for first-time as well as timid owners.

When a rhodesian ridgeback is usually raised with some other pets, he’ll be accepting of which. However, he can be aggressive toward strange animals away from the family, even in the event that he’s well socialized as well as trained. Males may be aggressive toward some other males, especially in the event that they’re not neutered.

If bored, the Rhodesian Ridgeback may become very destructive.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback needs a high fence to help keep him from escaping and roaming. A underground electronic fencing won’t contain him or her.
Rhodesian Ridgebacks get rid of little, and you are able to keep them clean which has a weekly brushing plus a wipedown with the damp cloth. Additionally, they need regular claw trims and dental brushing.

Training can be difficult if you do not start at a very young age. Rhodesian Ridgebacks may be stubborn and strong willed, but for anyone who is consistent, firm, as well as fair, you can prepare your Ridgeback with a high level.

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