Saluki – Salukis

Saluki – Salukis

The saluki is usually a slim, Greyhound-like dog. The head will be long and thin, moderately wide between your ears, tapering gradually to the nose which has a slight stop. This nose is black or liver within color. The teeth meet in the level bite. This large, oval eyes are dark for you to hazel in colour. The long, mobile ears hang down towards the head. The neck is long along with the chest is serious and narrow. The leading legs are immediately. The feet are generally thickly haired between your toes for safety from rough surfaces.

The salukis prolonged tail is carried low and is also well feathered having hair. The cover is short having long, silky feathering about the ears and tail. A rarer, coarser, smooth variety without feathering also takes place. saluki coat shades include white, treatment, fawn, golden, crimson, grizzle and tan, black and tan tricolor or white-colored, black and tan. It has a unique gait when on top speed: all four legs are usually in the air while doing so.

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