Science-Based Women’s Healthcare Boise Idaho

Obstetrics and Gynecology Health Center Boise ID

OGA practices what is known among experts as evidenced-based and science-based medicine.



What does this mean to our patients? It means there is less reliance on the opinion or experience of a single practitioner, more confidence in the clinical effectiveness of a specific procedure, and stronger advocacy within the medical field for a particular treatment or protocol.’s+healthcare+boise

You can be assured you are receiving the best and most appropriate care – not merely popular or highly profitable options.

• General gynecolog Boise
• Wellness exams Boise
• Menstrual irregularities
• Pelvic pain
• Endometrial ablation
• Management of endometriosis
• Breast care
• Sexual health
• General infertility
• Adolescent health
• STD screening Boise
• Immunizations
• Colposcopy
• Ultrasound-guided biopsy
• Pediatric gynecology
• Pelvic ultrasound
• Sonohysterography
• Incontinence (Monarch sling)
• Contraceptive counseling Boise
(short-term, longer-term, and permanent)
– Oral birth control pills Boise
– Nexplanon
– Mirena
– Paraguard
– Sterilization

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