Super 8 Hotel Review – Logan UT

I have spent the past 8 days living in the Super 8 hotel in Logan Utah. To summarize our review, I’d say that it was satisfactory. That might sound bad, but considering that we were staying in a budget hotel, and comparing it to more expensive ones that I’ve stayed in in the past, I was satisfied.

The total daily cost for the room was $51 since they offer a discount for weekly rentals. They are pet-friendly, but there was an additional daily $10 pet fee for our beagle.

All things considered, we enjoyed our stay. The staff was friendly, the room was clean and everyone was quiet. I was able to work using the free wifi which, while not amazingly fast, was still enough for us to enjoy our YouTube videos and I managed a little bit of light gaming on my laptop. I wouldn’t recommend trying to play anything like Overwatch, but it was ok for Hearthstone. I was also able to upload a few videos to YouTube without much delay.

The free breakfast was acceptable. Cereal, doughnuts, coffee, etc. Nothing crazy.

The bed was pretty comfortable, as well the rest of the furniture provided.

The room was clean and well maintained.

I wasn’t able to visit the pool during our time there, but the other guests seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

One feature that we were very grateful for, especially considering the length of our stay, was that the room came with a microwave and refrigerator. That really helped us save money on food. If you are looking for fast food, there are several locations nearby, such as a Wendy’s and Article Circle – a local favorite – and even more options just up the road. The hotel is very easy to access coming from the north. Coming from the south, you have a little more trouble because the road is divided. You need to turn left a bit earlier and enter the parking lot from behind. The same applies for heading north into town from the hotel. It’s not a huge deal, but is certainly something that you’ll want to keep in mind.

When looking for a hotel, I’m mostly concerned about 3 things:
– how much does it cost
– how clean is it
– and is it pet friendly

So, again, our daily price was $51, or $61 with the pet fee included. The room was clean, and it was quite clearly pet friendly. Those are the things that I wanted to know prior to renting this hotel, and I hope that this video has helped answer any questions that you might have if you’re thinking about staying there. If you have any others, please leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as best I can. And if you have stayed there as well, please share your experience!

My name is Triston from Saw It On YouTube and I hope you enjoyed this little review 🙂

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