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Senior Portraits

Get the top 5 tips for getting good senior portraits from the local photographer. Not all photographers can do senior photography correctly. Especially with high school girls, they need to be photographed in a special way. They need to be treated with respect during a photo session. Photographers need to talk to their senior clients before the session starts to establish rapport. Without this you’ll be off to a shaky start.  You as a photographer, need to ask them what their interests are. This way you’ll know how to pose them correctly.

Senior Portrait Photography

Senior portrait photography is indeed a special niche in the portrait world. These are young high school kids and they have likes and dislikes. As a photographer you need to find out ahead of time what their special interests area, maybe a unique hobby. Music is also a good place to start the conversation. Find out what type of music they like and then turn Pandora on so they can relax to music. Music is a big motivator for some kids. Get the right tunes playing and you can end up with some awesome photographs.

Visit our senior portrait gallery for some interesting photo samples.


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