Unique Pranashama Yoga Workshops Including Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditation, Nutrition, Acro & Thai Massage Healing

40 Hour Transformational Yoga Training and CEU Video Course – Unique Pranashama Yoga Workshops including Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditation, Nutrition, Acro & Thai Massage Healing.

In this unique online yoga teacher training course, you will learn over 40 hours of powerful Pranashama Yoga techniques, sequences and practices to apply to your own life and to share with others. Whether you are a yoga teacher, a yoga enthusiast or an aspiring teacher, this course will enlighten, transform and catalyze a shift within your body, mind and soul in many powerful ways.

This 40 hour video course includes: Pranashama yoga 12 Prasha Method Chakra Healing Workshop DVD Set Anatomy & Physiology Thai Yoga Massage, Partner Yoga, Nutrition, Green Smoothie Recipes Cooking Videos Hands on Adjustments Guided Meditations, Pranayama, Breathwork, Philosophy of Pranashama Yoga, History of Yoga, Empowerment workshops + more.

This is primarily a VIDEO course, with a few ebooks to reference as supplementary course material. This course should take 40 hours, but to learn most students will repeat the workshop videos several times, which will increase the length of time it may take you to complete.

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