Vegan Fried Chicken – Jackfruit Fried Chicken
Vegan Fried Chicken is one of the best vegan comfort foods. This Vegan Fried Chicken is super crunchy on the outside with well-seasoned double coated breading. Seasoning on the inside is what makes this vegan fried chicken the best fried vegan chicken ever. This Vegan Chicken tastes and looks just like real chicken tenders. With this seasoning flavour bursts from layers of this vegan fried chicken tenders as you bite into it. Call it Vegan fried Chicken tenders, vegan fried chicken wings, fried Jackfruit wings, vegan chicken balls or anything you like. Cruelty free recipe.

You can make deep fried vegan chicken tenders on your stove top or deep-fryer for the best vegan chicken. Also you can bake these golden pieces of vegan chicken in the oven for the best oven-fried vegan chicken ever.
I used fresh Jackfruit for this recipe. However save yourself a headache and use canned green Jackfruit in brine. Just rinse it and drain before starting to make this Vegan Fried Chicken recipe. Cleaning the fresh Jackfruit was a bit of pain as it contains natural rubber. My hands and the tools I used became sticky because of the natural rubber inside the fresh Jackfruit. That’s why I skipped the part where I cleaned and cooked the fresh Jackfruit. I used an instant pot and cooked it 5 minutes high pressure. Also this jackfruit I used was a bit on the riper side. That’s why it was a bit sweater. My kids loved it but I prefer green canned Jackfruit in brine. You will get the best result with the canned Jackfruit when you are making this Vegan Fried Chicken recipe. Try it with the oyster mushroom as well. Do everything just like in this video except replace the jackfruit with oyster mushrooms.

You can also use Oyster Mushrooms with this recipe and it will be the another best fried chicken recipe. I love oyster mushroom fried chicken as much as this jackfruit vegan fried chicken.

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