VideoBlocks Reviews: How to Get Unlimited Stock Footage?

If you edit a lot of videos like I do, no doubt you’ll eventually come across a time where you need footage that you just don’t have. Here Is a review of  Videoblocks stock video website. And that’s way-way too expensive for you to shoot on your own. Because maybe you don’t have access to locations, maybe you don’t have the equipment and that is where stock footage comes into play.

Stock footage can really help you. I get across your story a lot better when you have the footage that you need for each section of your video. And Videoblogs offers a great way to have access to tons and tons of stock footage. All for a subscription price.

So first off. How does it work? Videoblock is subscription-based. There are a couple tears you can get on. You can get on a lower tier you’ll have access to all of the unlimited library and you can download as many clips as you want.
One of the drawbacks of the lower tier program which is the tier that I’m on, you can’t batch download. Meaning that you haven’t actually clicked download for each video clip that you want to download so that can take awhile. I mean I have 4000 over 4000 eclipse right and so that means I had to actually click download over 4,000 times. And yeah it is time-consuming but I really didn’t want to pay more for the batch downloading.
But there are other perks for the higher tier such as well as I mentioned batch downloading which means you can download a ton of clips at once. Also, you can get access to more 4k footage and I believe 2k footage as well and you know 4k that’s going to become more and more important over the years.  But no matter what tier you’re on everything you download is yours to keep even after your subscription expires or you cancel your subscription. That’s pretty cool that everything you download within that time period is yours to keep forever even if you don’t renew after the end of your subscription.
So that’s the basics of how it works definitely check out Videoblocks for more of.
A thorough rundown of exactly how it works it’s not a scam it actually works the way they say it.
Do i use it? I definitely would endorse Videoblocks if you’re looking for a stock footage they have tons of great stock footage. I use it all the time as you can see here. In this post I use a little clip. I use a little clip of some color correction i made it look really cool.
So let me just show you a little bit of what they have so we have our media player pulled up here and you know they have everything. If you were doing some sort of a documentary on the beach there you go you got plenty of clips of people on the beach.
What about some scenic shots pretty cool stained glass windows and they have tons of clips and again all of these are mine to keep forever. Even when my subscription runs out so that’s pretty cool.
So you know get that year subscription download as much as you can and you’ll have the clips to use royalty-free royalty-free forever.
Let me run through a few more clips just to show you that they have now absolutely everything.  That motion background is another sort of a graphic motion background there. And these are huge clips you can see this one clip here it’s 20 seconds long and it’s 582 megabytes.
Here’s a great scenic shot and yeah there’s some stuttering here just because I’m recording so much but the actual clips they don’t stutter.
They have animal clips tons of animal clips and everything is categorized on videoblocks and there’s a search bar. You can use search terms to find exactly what you’re looking for
Here’s a massage maybe you’re doing a video about massage you offer, you’re making a commercial boom there you go they have tons of massage clips have some more motion backgrounds here. I’m just so much stuff and I have over 4,000 clips.
I think I have more stock footage in I could ever use and its high-quality stuff and you can usually choose between  mp4 or move and they have an even read files. I have some read files that I downloaded that you can see here so with reading files. If you know anything about shooting in red you can adjust tons of things you know the exact quality of the image the exact look of the image.
I should say when you’re using you your read files I mean look at this just great stuff ton of stuff doing. I couldn’t show you half the stuff that I have, just tons of clips.
Let’s go to a star universe from other the things they have would be like lower thirds which I can’t seem to find any right now but they do have lower thirds. Let’s go up here to the top they have After Effects templates.
Creating really cool intros and after effects that bunch of templates for you that make it super easy. They have clips that have alpha channels. So that’s super cool, so here’s a half alpha channel clip. It’s not going to play very well right now it’s almost a gig file plus it has an alpha channel plus I’m recording the screen so a little bit bogged down right now.  But this is an alpha channel meaning I could just place that in my single put a key on there or blending mode on there and we just see the smoke all the black would be gone. so that’s pretty cool.
here’s a fire clip in the again is this going to be slow playing here but once it’s in your NLE it plays smoothly great and they have quite a bit of alpha channel footage. You know smoke fire water bubbles things like that and just really great stuff.
Tons of stuff: virtual sets which I’ve used before you know virtual backgrounds that make it look like you’re on a news. More motion backgrounds here so here’s our virtual said you know record yourself in front of a green screen pop this in boom looks like you’re right on a set to have your little TV screen there.
You can pin another video to and again all of this is included in your subscription at either tear of the lower tier which i think is like ninety-nine dollars for a year. Which is crazy that you can download all you want for a year and keep it forever.
I look at this cha this great shot you could cut into so many different things. Another clip here’s some fish these are high-quality clips too. Let’s go down here they have slow-motion effects lots of slow motion. If I could just scroll up to it here is so little motion so emotion driving.
Slow motion water emotion pan just tons of slow-motion clips and again all high-quality stuff man slow motion what is this water bubbles so much footage and again that one subscription fee for the entire year and download as much as you want from the unlimited library.
They also have a marketplace now and that does cost to head those clips to download those clips but you know they have tons thousands of clips that you can download in the unlimited library they even have things like old-time video clips.
As you can use again these are royalty free you’ll actually get a PDF you can download. A PDF that shows you have the rights to use and make money off of these clips. If anybody ever happens to flag you or anything you can download that PDF show it to them this out and they’ll say okay well you obviously have rights to it.
Here’s exercise footage you know maybe you’re doing a video about exercise maybe why not cut in some really cool stock footage to make that video more interesting and they have tons of clips in each category so you won’t be limited to just one clip and cutting it in over and over.
You’ll have tons of clips maybe again you’re doing something about the beach well there you go. I’ve got tons of clips about people on the beach then you could do your Beach documentary or whatever you happen to be doing or clips.
I just so many clips so much really good and usable footage more exercise clips more Beach clips so many clips they have so many clips so many categories to choose from.
And some of some of them actually have audio as well a lot of them don’t have audio but some of them do have audio. Along with that as well so I believe I’ve shown you enough clips and they have tons of clips and way more than you know.  I have the time here to show you what whatever you’re working on you will more than likely find everything you need at Videoblocks.
Here we go here’s a 3d model maybe you’re doing something about the foot well there you go that will help tell your story a little bit better the some of the clips or even available in mxf files which makes it really easy to pull right into Media Composer. Go into a zune clip look at this is just a great high-quality clip there’s a helicopter clip of a landscape.
More motion backgrounds tons and tons of stuff I mean I’ve downloaded over 4,000 clips but you know if I wanted to spend more time on there I could download another 4,000 and another 4,000 just completely fill up my hard drive.
One thing you’ll definitely want to do if you get a subscription to videoblocks is definitely investing and another hard drive to store all of your clips on. Because you are going to be downloading quite a bit of stock footage clip. Of a fox a promotion ground so much stuff White House everything you need is that videoblocks. If you’re interested in stock footage head over to videoblocks there will be a link and the description that you can go over there too and get a special offer. I believe it’s ninety-nine dollars if they check that out if you’re interested.

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