welsh springer spaniel

welsh springer spaniel

The actual date of origin of the welsh springer spaniel cannot be traced, however dogs resembling the breed with its distinctive red and  white coat are frequently depicted in old pictures and prints. This type of dog was known as the Land Spaniel, and is considered   to be similar to the modern Welsh Springer. John Caius, writing in 1570, said Spaniels whose skynnes are white and if marked with any spottes they are commonly red. It is thought that these Spaniels may have made their way into the Welsh valleys where   local sportsman and hunters managed to conserve them in a pure state.

At one time called the Welsh Starter, it was used to spring game, originally for hunters using falcons. The traditional red and white  colour of the Welsh Springer was once also found in English dogs, but by the early 20th century any such dogs were considered to have
died out long ago

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