If we are being honest, it is difficult not even to wonder about other people’s sex toy customs. Maybe we are trying to observe how our tastes stack up against other people’, or perhaps we only wish to find a few thoughts. In any event, we’re quite excited to see that the outcomes of merchant Adam and Eve’s survey of 1,000 adults to most things sex toys.

Turns out, sex toy consumers are in the bulk, with 63 percent of respondents saying they have used them previously.

Needless to say, even one of these classes, goods may differ quite a while — that is where people’s particular preferences came in. Of respondents, 25 percent said they favored “realistic” toys, 20% favored “higher-end” toys, 14% favored “smaller” toys and 13% wanted “stronger” toys. (And for all those of you out there that are not sex toy dimensions queens, notice that only 4 percent are looking for “bigger” toys)

Adam & Eve also piled nine of its top-selling sexual toys, and that we have recorded for you beforehand. Obviously, “top-selling” may not mean “your upcoming number-one preferred.” Additionally, if not one of the work for you, we have got lots more toys that you peruse directly here.

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