Welcome to The DJ Squad where it’s our goal to help make your DJ experience like no other!  We are an elite Winnipeg-based company that serves all of Manitoba, Western Ontario and Saskatchewan and we specialize in a wide variety of events like weddings, socials, school graduations, corporate functions, holiday parties, bar & bat mitzvahs and more.

Q. Is The DJ Squad insured?

A. Yes.  We have liability insurance.  You are welcome to contact us for the details of our policy.

Q. Could I meet my DJ before hiring your company?

A. Absolutely!  We would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation with no obligation to answer any questions you have for us and offer suggestions as well if needed.  If you feel we will be a good fit for your event we could get started on the planning and preparation right away and if you don’t we could help steer you in the right direction.

Q. What if we want specific songs played at our event?

A. We contact all of our customers before the event to discuss what kind of music they want played as well as if there are any special song requests they have for the event.  If there is a song they want that isn’t in our music library we will make sure to get it. 

Q. What if the disc jockey gets sick or can’t make the function because of an emergency?

A. The DJ Squad takes pride in giving the best service possible.  We always have a DJ on call in case situations like this arise.  Rest assured, we will have it covered.

Q. How much notice do we need to give for a booking?

A. Due to referrals from satisfied customers and repeat business, the DJ Squad often books up to a year in advance for peak dates, so it’s important you secure a date with us once you’ve chosen the venue for your function. 

Q. I would like to have a lot of newer songs played at my wedding but I know a lot of them have profanity.  I want to keep the music clean.  Do you have edited versions of these kinds of songs?

A. Yes.  We do have radio edited versions of all the newer hits without the profanity so it wouldn’t be an issue for your wedding.

Q. I saw on your pricing page that you have lights and a smoke machine for shows and in brackets is said “if applicable.”  What does that mean?

A. This refers to events where smoke machines would be aloud at or appropriate for.  Around 25% of the venues we have done in the past wouldn’t allow smoke because their fire alarms were too sensitive and some customers don’t want smoke because of the kind of events they are hosting, like weddings for example.  There is no extra charge for our laser and light show along with our smoke, so if the venue allows it and the customer wants it we will be happy to provide it!  For the record, the smoke is water-based and completely safe.

Q. Do you give discounts for fundraisers?

A. Good question!  We do give discounts for fundraisers.  However, If it is a fundraiser for a life threatening condition or something serious we would really like to help in anyway we can.  Just contact us to explain.

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