Ok, here’s how to get the cow pet from the Darkening of Tristram event. This is a limited time event, so make sure to get it quick.

First, you need the rotten mushrooms from floor 9 of the event.
Take the mushrooms to the cauldron in Adria’s hut. Get a potion.
Take the potion to Farnham to get a coin.
Take the coin to Ogden to get a letter.
Take the letter to Pepin to get a prescription.
Take the prescription to Griswald (the blacksmith) to get the plans.
Take the plans to your blacksmith and learn how to make Wirt’s Leg.
Salvage Wirt’s Leg to get the Map of the Stars.

The map says some stuff and 2-1-3.

Go back to Adria’s hut and click on the cows in that order: 2-1-3 (middle, left, right).

That will open a portal to an abandoned farm. Look for Wirt’s Stash, and inside you will find your new cow pet!

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