anatolian shepherd – anatolian shepherd dog

particular anatolian shepherd is often a considered a livestock protector or mother or father dog. As like, he was developed to live on with the travel and adopt it as their own. He is the rugged, self-confident guardian who knows the amount protection or intimidation is essential in any situation.

The anatolian shepherd dog continues to be working independently for years and years, making decisions with regards to threats to the property. As the puppy, he switches into whomever he day-to-day lives with, be it a household or a herd associated with sheep; as they grows, he represents the protector gig. It matters not to the Anatolian whether his “flock” can be human or animal — he’s extremely protective as well as possessive.

And they backs up the guardian nature together with presence. The Anatolian is often a large dog, weighing as much as 150 pounds. They have a short, fawn coat along with a black mask. He / she appears intimidating, in case necessary he can be — though he’s calm and friendly with his family.

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