All about the havanese

{One of the|Among the|One of many} brightest and sturdiest of the toys,the havanese is happy and {playful|lively} and enjoys clever {games|online games|video games} of dexterity such as “pull the hidden toy from under the {cabinet|cupboard|case} with your paw. {“|inch|inches}

Havanese {are extremely|are incredibly} people-oriented {dogs|canines|puppies}, love snuggling in {laps|zone|univers}, {and can be|and is} overly dependent — {they don’t|they will not|indicate} do well at all when left for long periods of time without companionship. “Not doing well” means unhappiness and boredom, {which they|that they|that they can} may try to vent through {barking|woofing|too much barking} and destructive chewing.

{Though|Although|Even though} peaceful and gentle with everyone (humans and other pets), the havanese can be conservative with {strangers|other people|unknown people}. Socialization is important {to build|to create|to develop} a confident, outgoing {temperament|character|nature}, as there is a potential for excessive caution/timidity.

Havanese do have {an independent|a completely independent|persistent} streak, {however they|nevertheless they|nonetheless they} are not a dominant breed. {They|These people|They will} respond well to training {that includes|which includes|that features} food rewards and they especially love learning tricks. {Many individuals|Many people|A lot of people} excel in competitive obedience and {agility|speed|flexibility}.

The most problematic training issue is housebreaking — Havanese are slow to housetrain. Barking {needs to|must|has to} be curtailed, as well. {Many|Numerous|Several} Havanese like to {perch|perched|positioned} on the high {back|back again|again} of {a sofa|a settee} or {chair|seat|couch}, looking out the {window|windows|windowpane} so they can {announce|declare|mention} visitors.

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