One of the big questions that new YouTubers tend to ask is whether or not they should join a Multi-Channel Network (or MCN), and if so, when.

The short answer is, it depends on what you want to do. If you intend to turn YouTube into a full-time career, partnering with an MCN could be detrimental to your project as they take a percentage of your AdSense earnings each month. However, they also provide you with tools and access to a community of like-minded content creators that you can collaborate with. That leads to more growth, faster growth, and other possibilities that may not have been available to you previously. Also, if you have any other revenue streams coming from YouTube, like affiliates or sponsorships, they can’t touch those earnings.

I have personally tried out a few different MCNs. My least favorite was BentPixels, which got the the point that I chose to delete that account rather than continue working with them. My favorite thus far is Broadband TV (BBTV for short). They simply offer a lot of valuable resources and tools. I was asked to give a little tour of the creator tools available from BBTV, which I am including in this post in the video below. I hope that you find it helpful and if you would like to see more content like it, feel free to check out the channel and other videos that we’ve provided.

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