All about the pomsky dog

A bored pomsky may end up chewing up the rug or ripping the couch because he has so much pent-up energy; a child as a playmate is the perfect solution. The pomsky breed is easy to train because the dogs are so intelligent, and once they’re your friend, they’re loyal for life. That’s why they’re commonly used as therapy dogs for patients with autism, and also why some people consider them a good guard dog as well: their loyalty, along with their energy, their fearlessness and their loud barks make them ideal sentries. Before you fall in impossible love with the breed by looking at pictures online, you should be aware of one startling fact: you may have not been looking at photos of a real Pomsky. Many websites are using pictures of a different breed altogether, either a Siberian Husky pup or a Finnish Lapphund – because there aren’t that many pictures of the real thing available. Be sure that you’re actually looking at genuine photos, or even better, visit breeders or shops to ensure that you’ve actually seen the puppy you think you can’t live without.

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