Blue Heeler – Blue Heeler Puppies

The particular blue heeler is a sort of Australian cattle puppy. He is smart, loyal and shielding. The breed derives from the Australian dingo, that was bred with smooth-coated blue-merle collies. The resulting puppy was bred together with black and color kelpies and dalmatians to make blue heeler pet dogs.

Physical Description
The blue heeler puppies are a medium-sized dog, considering 35 to fortyfive pounds. He’s glowing blue speckled or mottled, generally having black or perhaps tan markings. The blue heeler incorporates a short, dense two times coat that outdoor storage sheds. He is a strong, muscular dog together with wide-set, erect head. His feet usually are small and circular, with short toes. The blue heeler keeps his long tail down and it also curves upward. Pups are born white, a trait passed down from dalmatians.

Your blue heeler provides strong herding and also guarding instincts. The blue heeler sorts strong bonds along with his family and is usually protective and passionate. Suspicious of strangers, he’s a daring guard dog. He has strong-willed and high-energy. Your blue heeler have to be well trained or he may chase cars, bicycles and children. This individual aims to you should, but will test out his limits. His strong instinct for being dominant requires a strong alpha owner.

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