I think that there’s an interesting opportunity here and I wanted to share some thoughts with you guys.

Basically, we’re talking about using Pokemon Go to promote a business by either placing lure modules at the location, should it be a PokeStop, or at a public location and promoting your business there. We wanted to see how well it would work, so we went to a local park and placed several lure modules at once. Within about 10 minutes, we had 40 people there playing the game and they stayed there for almost two hours. I wish that he’d brought something to sell! We did take advantage of the opportunity to interview the players and get some information on how the game has affected the way that they shop and their preferences towards stores based on the game’s influence.

As an additional test, we then placed one of these lure modules at the closest grocery store once the ones at the park had expired. Within a few minutes, about 25% of the crowd that we had gathered moved on to that next location – where the all bought snacks and drinks. That $1 investment made the store at least $50. Now, $50 isn’t a lot of money, but if you do that all day long, spending $48 (or $28.32 if you buy in bulk), and if you are able to keep purchase rates at about that level, you’d make an extra $1,200 per day (assuming an additional profit of $50 per hour, which requires two lure modules).

So, the intention of this post is, in part, to talk about a game that I’m really enjoying. However, for those working at or near a PokeStop, I want you to take a moment and consider how investing in something like this could help your businesses grow.

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