Recognizing Potential Throat Cancer Symptoms

Common signs of throat cancer include:

a change in your voice
trouble swallowing
weight loss
sore throat
persistent cough (may cough up blood)
swollen lymph nodes in the neck
ear pain
Make a doctor’s appointment if you experience any of these symptoms and they do not improve over time.

It can be difficult to detect throat cancer in its early stages.

What are throat cancer symptoms

Initially throat cancer shows no symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they usually include:

Difficulty and pain when swallowing.
Hoarseness and a persistent sore throat.
Traces of blood in the sputum.
Swollen lymph nodes in the neck.
Pain in the upper neck and jaw.
Ear pain, with partial hearing loss if region affected is behind the nose.
Sense of something sticking in the throat.

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